Learning Disorder Tests for Children in Marin County


What are some examples of learning disabilities in children?

Learning Disorders are generally present from birth but often do not appear until children are in school.

Students who have learning challenges see, hear, and understand information differently than others. These differences can impact how students learn basic skills (e.g., reading, writing, or math) as well as how they process higher-level skills (e.g., organizing, planning, reasoning abstractly, or remembering complex things). Students can struggle with learning in one or multiple areas. Learning difficulties are not related to intelligence. They are not related to vision, hearing, or motor problems. Learning Disorders are neurodevelopmental conditions thought to be caused by underlying brain differences. They are more common than we think - between 8-10% of children in the United States have some type of Learning Disorder. Students can be both smart and motivated and still struggle to learn, study, and engage fully in their education.


How a child psychological assessment can help a Learning Disorder.

Not all youth who struggle with learning have a diagnosable Learning Disorder. Some students have their own unique learning style and, in time, will catch up with their peers. For those students who do have a Learning Disorder, learning difficulties can be alleviated with proper educational supports. Such supports can include special education and tutoring. They may also include specific strategies that optimize how students best learn and remember information. Psychological assessment is helpful to students with learning challenges. It helps to identify each student’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses across multiple areas (IQ, planning/organizing, attention, academic skills, memory, etc.). Specific recommendations are made during the psychological assessment that foster learning for the student. These recommendations can greatly assist parents and teachers working with the student. Teachers may implement a tailored teaching approach, make changes to the classroom environment, or use certain technologies to help the student with their learning needs. These changes can enhance the student’s self-esteem and allow the student to feel more confident and motivated in the classroom.


Learning Disability Testing in Marin County, CA

Dr. Silva Hassert at Mind Rising Psychological Assessment offers Learning Disorder testing for children in Marin County, CA including testing for reading (dyslexia) and math learning disabilities. She serves San Rafael, Sausalito, Novato, Mill Valley, and the surrounding areas.

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